Monday, 5 November 2007

I'm Back!

Hi there!

Sorry about my disappearance...............I was busy looking after my niece and my little baby girl who had Chicken Pox so I had no time to blog and nothing to blog about!

Well, that's not actually completely true...................I didn't get that much knitting done in the past week but I did managed to knit at Old Trafford during the Manchester United V Middlesbrough game............Boro lost, boo hiss! But my brothers and their friend came through for the game so it was nice to see them!

It was my sister-in-law's birthday so I knocked out a quick scarf for her in Rowan Biggy. I've said it before but there's nothing like big wool and large needles to give you the satisfaction of completion in super quick time! The picture doesn't do it justice but I had to photograph it quick and wrap it up. It is actually really thick and lengthy - I used five balls to make it. Anyhow, I hope she likes it, not that she will have much chance to wear it at the moment as she is in hospital having contractions! And I haven't started the baby's panda jumper, hat and socks yet!

Apart from that - the Che hoodie is still on my needles and I haven't even started the Lil Devil Pants as I was going to put them on Beanie to wear at nursery on Halloween but because she had Chicken Pox she wasn't allowed in! So I will still knit them and a Lil Devil Hat but now I have more time and won't be under pressure!

Also the We call the Pirates hat and mittens have been delayed plus I never got to finish my husband's Elvis costume for Halloween, so all my plans went out the window!! Sorry folks!

It was okay, as it only took 30 mins late one night to knock up my witch outfit and we made a Ghostbuster outfit for my other half. Beanie already had a pumpkin outfit her Nonno and Nonna had bought for her.

Anyway, what am I doing blabbering on about what HASN'T happened when something great HAS happened - I finally got my Ravelry invite!! I'm on there as PurlCity, see you there!!

Well, apart from losing large parts of my day to Ravelry I need to knuckle down and sort out my Purl City etsy store so that is what I will be mostly doing this week.

That and dieting! I won't tell you how much I weigh but the picture of me as a witch and a comment from my sister has spurred me on to lose weight. I have gained a lot of weight recently due to a very dodgy thyroid and although it was not my fault (well, not completely!) that I gained the weight, it is up to me now to lose it.

Yesterday I was slumped on the sofa watching the New York Marathon, three years ago I was running in it. Three years ago I could get up on a Sunday morning and go for a 16 mile run, now I can't even get up on a Sunday morning. How times have changed! But I'm determined to get back into a fit and healthy many calories an hour does winding wool into skeins burn?!

Right I'm off to do some high-powered pottering!


Janey said...

That's a good looking scarf!

Hope the pox are gone and everyone is well now. And good luck to your sister!

BTW, your link to me is wrong! There is no 'e' in woolly, but thanks anyway for the link!

Anna said...

Hope the girl is feeling better!

I hope you fare better at dieting than I do. I'm still working to lose pregnancy weight...and my daughter's seven! I need some motivation, but after getting up at 4 am to go to work and not getting home until 5 pm, I'm pretty exhausted most days.

Monica Silva said...

Hi Charlie
-Love the picture of you knitting at the stadium- Wow- So lucky :)
- I got into Ravelry too! Once I get in to fill up the info I'll look you up!
Have a great weekend!