Saturday, 10 November 2007


Oh my god! I have found a major source of cheap yarn!

There's a shop in Monton called Auntie Pat's that is selling off all its stock of yarn for £1 a ball and 20p a pattern.

I went in there yesterday and bought three bin liners worth of the stuff.

The stock is all upstairs - from floor to ceiling with yarn and the shop owner tells me she has twice as much in storage that she is dying to get rid off. The woman is crazy but I can't argue with cheap wool!

I'm trying to organise a knitting club trip there next week!!

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Monica said...

Oh My.... She'll probably still have stock in a couple months eh? We won't be up in Manchester for a few weeks yet, and I don't know how much stash I should really create. Hahha... is it acrylic or 100% wool?