Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Elvis, Che and the Witch

Ciao tutti!

Had a busy day yesterday.....................a frantic bout of housework interrupted by the arrival of my sister who was supposed to be picking up some parcels and speeding off but I convinced her to stay for a brew and allowed her to settle on my settee and vent spleen for an hour!

Then I had a trip to book shop to kill time, in the knitting section (of course!), before a trip to the dentist to have my railings checked over. I'm knitting my niece a Che Guevara hoodie for her birthday and while I was working on it in the waiting room I got chatting with another knitter who was impressed to see someone daring to click away in public. She told me all about the gilet she had just finished for herself and bemoaned the situation of being too busy to knit more often. I was too polite to point out she could be knitting right then!

After the dental visit I went to Abakhan Fabrics in the Northern Quarter with the purpose of buying fabric for my husband's and my Halloween costumes. My sister has taken her crew to Disneyland, Paris for a few days and when they get back this weekend we are having a Halloween/birthday party for my niece who turns 8 on the 25th while they are away.

I'm going as a witch so I bought myself several yards of black cheapo cotton and some purple lacy cobweb fabric for my sleeves. The husband has been persuaded to go as Elvis so I have brought a load of white Lycra and red satinette to make him a Vegas-style suit!! I'm going to use this site for inspiration and tips!

I also 'wandered' into yarn section and bought some black and white yarn for a We call them Pirates hat and mittens set for my nephew.

So here is my problem...........by Sunday I have to complete two Halloween outfits and a Che Guevara hoodie. Then by next Tuesday evening I have to complete a pair of Lil Devil Pants and Lil Devil Hat for Beanie to wear to nursery. And I want to have my Etsy store up and running asap. Do you fancy my chances?! I do like a challenge but this might be a bit too big for me!!


Anna said...

Take a deep breath and plow right in. At least that's what I do when my to-do lists seem impossible. Hope you have more success than I usually do. :D

Dawn said...

You amaze me! I'm tired already for you!! But I'm sure you can do it!.. So READY.. SET.. GO!!!

Art & Disorder said...

Passei pra dizer oi!e desejar um abençoado FDS.

Nat Red Knits said...

Holy Mackeral! I thought I had a crazy agenda...This is supposed to be a fun holiday...remember?

Viknits said...

Sounds much like my to do list! Go for it!
I have yet to visit Abakhan (sp?) Fabrics - didn't realise they had a yarn bit. Do they sell online? Where exactly are they from say the corner door of Afflecks? (I must pay them a visit.. must must must!)