Friday, 30 November 2007

Back from Italy!

Hello all!

NIB (News in Brief)

*Grandad loved the socks - thinks they are too good to wear!

*Sister loved the crochet hat and scarf and the slogan t-shirts I made her

*Joined the Hello Kitty Mystery KAL 3, see side button

*Joined the Swapbot European Knitters' swap - currently putting together a box of goodies for a vegan girl in Germany

*Still not counted up the final amount raised for the knitathon but it should be about £250

I'm back from Italy and I still haven't got down to my Christmas knitting! I did take the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Sweater on two needles away with me to work on and the ingredients for some monkey socks but we were constantly on the go so I didn't get much knitting done and what I did do had to be frogged on my return!

I don't know about you but I'm really struggling with the baby sweater pattern, I understand it but somehow I keep messing it up! I missed a button hole, messed up the gull pattern and had to go over the increases at the beg several times. When will I ever get to the sleeves! It is quite frustrating as I had been very productive up until this point and I'm also dying to get on with my Christmas knits.

While in Italy I visited Beatrice Galli Yarn Shop on the recommendation of Typesetter (many thanks!!) and it was a joy! Loads of gorgeous stuff and the lady who owns it (Beatrice, herself?!) is very welcoming. I did also try to visit Lovilane and Filo a Filo in Lucca and the Sheep Shop in Pisa but they were all shut - boo hiss!!

I did stumble upon a shop in Pietrasanta which sold yarn.....and I forget to get its name but it is down the main shopping street. I went in to have a browse but got commandeered by the old dear who owned the shop who kept insisting on showing me pastel 4-ply. I really couldn't understand why until she rubbed my belly and said: "Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?" !!!!! Well, I nearly died with shock!! Due to my thyroid condition I am carrying a fair bit of extra timber at the moment but I never thought people thought I was up the duff!

I didn't have the heart to enlighten her that it wasn't a baby but a belly full of pizza and Chianti - told her I wanted it to be a surprise!- and I ended up buying some white double knit with spots of other colours running through it to make a cardi for Beanie. She agreed it was a great choice for unisex knitting!!!

My parents and husband fell about themselves when I got outside and told them!!

Right then, must go and post off my secret pal parcel!

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Dawn said...

I love the pics and your projects! Sounds like an awesome trip! Something I can only DREAM of! (sigh)

I had some trouble with that EZ pattern too (as in I just gave up). It'll get better if you slowly walk away and leave it for a bit (or longer in my case)! LOL!