Monday, 19 November 2007

Loads of news!

Well, firstly and most importantly I'm an auntie once more! My sister-in-law gave birth to a 7lb 8oz beautiful baby girl just after 10am this morning! They are going to call her Fern Olivia and I have already decided to put the Panda Baby outfit to one side (it is 3-6 month size) and make an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Sweater on two needles for her!

I can't wait to see her! As I am in Manchester and they are in the North-East I might not get there until next week so in the meantime I will have to be content with photos.

Secondly, I finished my grandad's socks, finally! I hope he likes them! They should be a welcome change to the piles of whiskey and beer that he usually receives on his birthday! Not that he is an alcoholic - the booze lasts him all year!

Thirdly, I finally uploaded the pics of the crocheted hat and scarf - I got the pattern from I Love Crochet but found the English V American a tad confusing. Not so confusing, however, that it put me off. I have since done another hat and scarf using Rowan Big Wool in Pistachio for my friend Mary. I just need to add a flower detail and they are finished. Crochet is sooooo fast!!

And finally, we did the Knitathon!! 8 hours solid (or thereabouts) of knitting and collecting donations!

I made up some t-shirts with knitting slogans such as 'Knit Happens', 'Knit Hot' and 'Purly Queen' for people to wear (they were prototypes of the ones I'm going to stock in my store if I ever get it open, looks like launch date will be next week when I am back from Italy).

We started off in the Cornerhouse (arty cinema) cafe where a woman came up and said she wasn't interested in our charity - Children in Need (queue our collective jaws dropping) but she did like to knit! We then moved on to Kro2 - a Danish bar on Oxford Road where we were joined by Penny a fellow Raveler. After that we headed to the central library where a woman called knitting 'boring' - the mentalist!

Then on to China Town, the Bavarian Beer Hut in the Christmas Market in Albert Square (where Charlotte from the Miss Spiritual Tramp Knitting Group joined us) and then to Odd Bar in the Northern Quarter (where we were met by Elleyon another Raveler).

A big tip for all those who are thinking of doing something similar - spend time in pubs! We had loads of drunks tossing in a fortune!!!

We are not sure what the final total is for the day but I can say it was an overwhelming success and a lot of fun. Plus we met up with some really nice fellow knitters and generated some positive interest in our group!!

Right! I'm off to cast on the baby sweater! Ciao for now!


Abby said...

My cat's name is Fern and my daughter's name is Olivia - too funny! Don't tell your SIL!

Anna said...

Congrats, auntie!

Nat Red Knits said...

Congratulations Auntie on your baby niece Fern Olivia. Too sweet a name :)And Happy Birthday to your grandad!

My my you have been a busy girl! I love those baby kimonos! I had some catching up to do on my blog reading...I am way behind... it is work and Ravelry's fault!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! Babies are so much fun! And knitting for them is a blast! I love making girly things! Can't wait to see your EZ baby sweater! :)