Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Ullo John, got a new motor!

I know the title will mean nothing to most people who read this but anyway........I HAVE got a new motor......I'm dead chuffed and I'm not even into cars either! I think the reason I am so excited is because it has a place to plug my ipod in and heated seats!

My old car is going to one of my nephews who is currently driving another old car of maybe if he is very good to me he might get this one in a driveable state in a couple years from now!

Anyhoo, enough on cars (evil planet destroyers that they are and that) and more about knitting. I went to the Kings Arms Knitting Club last night and had a top time. The group are really warm and welcoming and the banter is spot on. Never at a knitting circle did I think I would be chatting about Dog the Bounty Hunter and Nathan Barley (obviously not at the same time... what a gruesome twosome that would make) or spilling lager on meself. Roll on next week!

I got a taxi home afterwards and the taxi driver refused to believe that there was such a thing as a pub knitting group. I even showed him my knitting but he wasn't having any of it!!

Today has been a dyeing hands are greeny-blue with some pink spots but I'm really pleased with the stuff I've produced today. I also photographed some of the skeins I did last week. I would show you pics but my camera has gone to sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

Well, must dash.................Location, location, location is counting down the worst places to live in the UK and I know what is number one - Middlesbrough - my hometown. The cheeky Southern b*stards!

I also have a Project Runway to catch up that programme!



Monica Silva said...

Hi Charlie,
Can't wait to see the pictures of the yarn you dyed. What do you plan to knit with it?

Dawn said...

Luv, luv, luv your new wheels!! Wheeee!
I know I'm dorky but I'm just fascinated with England! Why is your hometown one of the baddies? Post pics of your dyed yarn soon!

Anna said...

Looks like you had a great time.

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comments, it is lovely to be in touch!

Monica - I am planning on selling it on Etsy, if I ever manage to finish setting up my store!!

Dawn - My hometown in very industrial, very depressed and very ugly....but the people are salt of the earth!

Anna - thanks! We had a top time, I'm looking forward to next week!!