Wednesday, 10 October 2007


More about these cuties below!!!
Hoorah, hooray, yea! The postal strike is over!!!

Not that I have received any post yet but at least all the posties are all back at work and I can look forward to tons of knitting-related deliveries.

Somewhere in the postal system are the following with my name on them: a swift, a ton of un-dyed merino wool, a spindle, several books, copious amounts of dye, beads and a couple of vintage editions of Vogue Knitting.

I'm sure there's a bank statement or two in there somewhere but the postman can keep them for all I care!!

On the etsy store front, the yarn is coming on well........I just need the swift to reskein them and then I can photograph them and put them on the site.

I was hoping to have the store up and running this week, but with the postal strike and a visit to London to the Knitting and Stitch Show (can't wait, it's going to be a knitfest!!!) firmly inked in the diary, I won't be able to do everything before early next week.

There are also a few other reasons why I never achieve as much as I would like during the day..................see pic above!! The three moggies are my shadows here, I can't do anything without them following me around, so they are never allowed in the living room or my craft room because that is where I keep my knitting and yarn! There names are Eric, Denis and Georgie, all named, by my husband, after former Manchester United players. Eric is the fat one, Denis the scrawny one and Georgie (who's a girl) is the torty. As you can tell, they are brothers and sister.
Never in my life have I ever known such loving and yet simple-minded cats! Their affection makes up for the fact that they have no sense of balance and still don't understand how the cat-flap works after two years of living with us. But they do know somethings I don't... the day before I had my baby they watched me like a hawk and stayed with me all day. I couldn't climb the stairs without them curling round my ankles and if I sat down I suddenly had all three descend on me, madly purring and fussing over me!
The other little lady is my main distraction nowadays. And a happy distraction she is too! Her nickname is Beanie as I found out I was pregnant with her the day after I did the London Marathon in 2006. So she's our little runner bean or Beanie for short! She, like the cats, is a little monkey and definitely the boss in our house! She always makes a beeline for my knitting and and loves to pick it up and shake the needles out of it!!! But I love her so much!!


Lucy said...

Charlie your kitties and little girl are gorgeous - and Hooray indeed for the end of the UK postal strike. I am expecting some mail too from over your way !!

Viknits said...

Hey I love your blog! Your banner for your shop looks great, I love it! I'm trying to come up with one for mine at the mo! Your yarn looks amazing too, and I'm happy to hear you're in Manchester, cos when I'm home with my BF that's where I am too! Yey!
Your wee ones are all highly cute :D

Dawn said...

How Cute! All of them! I'm still trying to figure out why is it my cats only want to lay on me when I'm knitting! Your Beanie is a cutie too! Take some pics of London for me! I only wish I could go there someday....