Monday, 8 October 2007

Here we go!


Welcome to my new blog all about knitting, wool, dyeing and the like.

I used to blog about marathon running but I got pregnant and since having my baby girl my trainers have been gathering dust in the shoe cupboard.

I took up knitting again at the beginning of 2007 (I'd not knitted since school), as a form of relaxation and since then I've become embarrassingly obsessed!

I not only knit every day but also have a huge stash of yarn, patterns and needles.

I also dye my own yarns and am in the process of setting up my own etsy store called Purl City (

I intend this blog to be a place where I can post up pics of my WIPs and finished items as well as my progress with Purl City. And of course, a place for my random rantings and ravings!

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