Saturday, 2 February 2008

Calling International Sock Knitters!

I've started a swap on swap bot which is snappily titled 'Sock Knitters of the World Unite and Swap'............just rolls of the tongue doesn't it?!

Anyhoo - I want you all to come and join me here is where the swap , here is the blog and here are some more details, have a read and join up!:

As a keen sock knitter, I love to discover new yarns, both hand dyed and from all over the world.
If you feel the same, this is the swap for you!

Each participant will have one partner to whom they must send the following:

Two 100g skeins of sock yarn - it can be your own hand-dyed yarn or a sock yarn produced in your country. Natural fibres and blends only please - no 100% accrylic.

Two knitting notion items - stitch markers, needles, tape measures, project bags.....anything that you would consider essential kit for a sock knitter.

One hot drink item - by this I mean a packet of loose tea leaves, a tin of hot chocolate, a packet of coffee beans or a box of tea bags - depending on what your partner likes to drink (make sure this is listed in your profile)

An edible treat - this could be biscuits, chocolate, candy - again check your partners profile before choosing the item.

Finally, a surprise - check out your partners profile and surprise them with a little something based on their preferences. This does not have to be knitting related.

All those who sign up for the swap will be invited to join me here
where we can all get together and compare our goodies and get to know each other better!

This swap is open to all members with a rating of 4.5+. No no-sends.

Newbies are welcome with a full profile, but I reserve the right to ban anyone who I feel may not contribute well to this swap.

I'm giving you two weeks to put together your parcels and get them sent,so that should be plenty of time to pick out some really nice things for your partner.


PurplePixie said...


Nice to meet you Charlotte! Looking forward to getting to know a little bit about you.

breno said...

I can't find Aimee P aka toothfairy. Help me,please.