Monday, 11 February 2008

Bang, bang! You're dead!

But only if your Ravelry name is Pippa and only in a Hat Attack yarntastic sense!

I knitted through the weekend (when husband and child permitted) to finish this bad boy and it is currently winging its way up to Scotland to knock Pippa out of Hat Attack.

Alas, I have already been slain by KraftyKoala whose hat is on its way to me.

I tried everything to stay in the game, I even emailed her assassin Perversia and asked her to hurry it up big time!!!

I am off to join the Zombie KAL now!


Süßstoff said...

Oh no!!! It's over already?! And you were so fast.
Love the hat you knitted and I'm curious how the one looks you'll receive.

Monica said...

Oo the Hat Attack design is really nice! What is it? ... and can others have it, or is it just Hat Attack Participants?

gomitolina said...

Ciao! Give a look (with your husband...) to this post , from Barbara: you'll have fun!

MK said...

What a charming cable pattern! I am also wondering if this is something you worked up yourself,and if the pattern is out there - I didn't see it in your Ravelry projects.

MK said...

Oh blush. I commented too soon - a quick Google showed me that it's the Binary Cable Hat, and will be available to the general public when Hat Attack is done.

You did a lovely job!

Dawn said...

That's still one cool looking hat! ;O)

Janey said...

Hope you're ok, long time no blog!

Pop on over to my blog if you fancy...I've just tagged you, hope you don't mind!