Friday, 1 February 2008

Been to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show

..........And it was a bit of a nightmare! Loads of really nice stalls to look at but you have to find your way through a sea of ladies with very sharp elbows to get to them!

I managed two hours of shopping before I gave up and left. I might venture back there with Beanie in her buggy tomorrow and use her as a battering ram!

While I was there today I spoke to one of the organisers of Wonderwool, a festival of welsh wool and natural fibres taking place 26th and 27th of April..............I just have to go to this!!

Anyhow, back home now and ready to have a heavy knitting weekend.......the weather here is atrocious and I am not venturing out unless it is essential!


Monica said...

Damn! Everything is against me. I knew Wonderwool Wales was in the Spring but didn't know the exact date. And the week before (April 18th) is my dad's birthday -- he wants us to meet him in Mexico to celebrate, so we'll probably got to Canada for the summer early.

And of course I'm in London right now during the Stitch and Creative Craft show. *sigh* I would have gone and been a battering ram with you!!

Charlie Chuckles said...

Bugger! That's pity cos I know Wonderwool is going to be a good'un but a trip to Mexico sounds like a fantastic consolation!!

Not to worry....this is another stitch show in August (29th-31st) so we can do battle together then!

Anonymous said...

It was definitely a bit mad to get around! I only stayed a couple of hours, but I got what I wanted out of it, so it's all good! :-)

Cinders said...

Did they actually have many knitting stalls. I went a few years ago, same thing with the old ldaies! bu there were very few knitting stalls so I've not bothered since.