Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New year, new me?

Well this is supposed to be the post where I blather on about my new year resolutions, how good they are and how good I am going to be at keeping them. But we all know what happens to the majority of new year resolutions, don't we?!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Not all resolutions end up in the bin though, I gave up smoking in 2001, took up running and Spanish in 2003 and I started knitting again in 2007. But considering I make tons of resolutions each and every year, the previous odds do not seem tipped in my favour!

I will keep knitting though and resolve to expand my knitting skills - new cast ons, colourwork, lace etc. And I will definitely be doing some knitting for charity this year.

I would also like to improve my crochet skills which are currently very basic and take up 'proper' sewing again, I was very inspired by Nubiancraftster's Beehive Bag, good work!!

Most of all I really want to kick off trading with Purl City Yarns and really put a lot into it. I have already done a lot of work, dyeing up stock and working on labels and my etsy site. I just need to put the two together now and get moving!!

There, these resolutions don't seem too unachievable do they? And most of all they seem like fun, unlike my other resolutions that keep cropping up each year - lose weight, exercise more, be more organised..........yawn.

But if by some chance I do end up with a size 10 figure, fantastic abs and an immaculately clean house you will be the first to hear about it!!!


Hege said...

Happy new year!

Renee said...

Happy New Year!