Friday, 25 September 2009

Time to resurrect this blog!

I know I say it every time, but this time I am definitely back!

I have been doing loads of knitting recently, learning to machine knit, want to learn to spin and am, low and behold, pregnant again (!!!) and I want to blog it all here.

At the moment I am currently taking part in Sockdown on Ravelry where this month's challenge is to knit a any pair of socks or the mystery sock pattern designed by the lovely and very talented Nancy Bush in Yellow OR any Wendy Johnson pattern in any colour.

I have cast on two pairs of socks.......the Nancy Bush Mystery sock in my own hand-dyed yarn named 'Sofia's Sunshine' and a pair of Nanners, designed by Wendy Johnson in Krafty Koala yarn called Candystripper.

As you can see from my progress pictures (which will be added later when I can get the card reader to work again!). I have nearly finished the mystery sock which we now know is called Foxes Faces, as the lace does look a bit like them. But I haven't made much progress on the Nanners.

My excuse is this month we had our family holiday in Tunisia and although I took loads of projects and expected to get loads of knitting done, we were too busy running around after a toddler to sit still for more than five minutes.

Knitting and swimming pools do not mix well either so all I managed was a few rows here and there in the hotel bar of an evening while our daughter danced about!

The rules of Sockdown state that although you have to cast on before the end of the month, you actually have until the end of the next month to finish projects.

I think when I have finished the Foxes Faces I will blog a lot more about them as I have learnt so many new techniques while making them and loved every minute!!

I have quite a few projects in progress at the moment and I desperately want to get them finished so I can start doing some Christmas knitting and, of course, knitting for the baby!!!

I'm so excited about knitting for the baby. I didn't take up knitting again until after my daughter was born so I didn't have the joy of knitting little cardigans and booties last time round.

I have been exploring unisex patterns for the little one, who is due in February. I don't intend to find out the sex beforehand, we honestly do not care what we get as long as he or she is happy and healthy.

A few people have commented that it is shame I don't know either way so I can buy either pink or blue wool but I don't really like all that gender/colour business anyway. Plus, I hate baby shades and pastel colours so my little one will be a riot of colour when he/she arrives!

It is funny, as we were the same with our daughter. She wore every colour going rather than just pink, pink, pink. I am not very pink, pretty, girly, girly, so I thought she wouldn't be either.

She is now nearly three and everything she wears has to be pink, sparkly, flowery or princessy. She adores stories about princesses and fairies and loves pretty things. I don't know where we went wrong!!!!!

Honestly, though. If that is how she wants to be, I am happy to dress her that way. It is her decision. I want her to be happy and comfortable with herself.

My mother used to put ringlets in my hair, tie them in ribbons and make me fancy frocks on her sewing machine. I am sure I looked like a cherub but I felt really uncomfortable and dolling up was never me.

I spend a lot of time wondering what the new baby will be like. My Mam says you never get two the same. Well, in five months I'll find out!

Hopefully in five months I can make quite a few lovely things for both the baby and our daughter, I can't leave her out!


Abby said...

Congratulations! I wish I had been knitting when my kids were little, but I am trying to make up for it now that they are grown. Looking forward to following your pregnancy and knitting. Welcome back!

Cinders said...

Congratulatons on your pregnancy.
I knitted for my first one but not the other 2.
I also hate girlie pink, but all little girls love pink and glitter, though thankfully my daughter did ask for a black dress aged 3!!
Enjoy your daughters phase. they grow up so quickly and good luck with the sock knitting