Thursday, 6 December 2007

AARRGGGHHHHH - Not enough time!

Hello peeps!

I've just cast off the devilishly tricky EZ Baby Sweater on Two Needles from the Knitters Almanac.

I can see why it is soooo popular as it looks cute as a button when finished but, my god, it was a complete nightmare in places!

I can't even say the pattern or stitch patterns were difficult as once you get used to EZ's way of working they are very straightforward. I just seemed to make stupid mistakes all the time, like forgetting to add buttonholes or picking up too many stitches for the sleeves.

I do think it has been a useful learning curve was my first real go at lace and it taught me the importance of concentration!

I did the sleeves on DPNs as I hate seaming and I'm really pleased with how it has worked out - I just need to put the buttons on, that I bought in a really top shop in Florence, and send it off to baby Fern!

Now I must turn my attention to Christmas - aaarrrggghhh. Number of cards sent - zero, number of presents bought - zero, number of presents knitted - ZERO!

I have a list of 27 people to knit for.................19 if I cross off all those who can wait until next year to get their gifts!

I had hoped to knit everyone someone elaborate and tricky to show them this knitting obsession is not just a phase but I don't have time! Instead I am going to knock out a load of Mary Jane Slippers, Chunky House Socks, Chullos and Tea Cozies! I figure the complicated stuff can wait until their birthdays now!!!

Right off to cast on the Mary Janes!

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Nat Red Knits said...

Oh my goodness Charlie!!!! What ever were you thinking, all that Christmas knitting! Dare I mention there are only 11 days left now? I am in my mad panic mode shopping and knitting too. Good Luck Girlfriend!